Inspiration: Dyeing with Oak Galls


Tinctory's Oak Galls Dye

tinctory: Oak Galls Dye.

I’ve been increasingly interested in Natural Dyes these days. This week, I ran across this beautiful website called tinctory. Eva, a woman from the UK has a beautiful aesthetic with Natural Dyes.  In the photo above, she’s dyed silks, cottons and wools. The grey fabric has been mordanted later with iron.

She uses her dyed  fabric to create jewelry by smocking her swatches into little organic looking pendants.

Today I’m going on a hike, picnic and will hopefully  harvest some Oak Galls. It’s gall hunting season! Stay tuned to see what I find.


Floral wrapping paper from my backyard

A quick easy way to create floral wrapping paper. Click the photo to zoom

In my previous post, I gathered some flowers from my backyard. Using a hammer, and spraying the paper with a soda ash mixture, I pounded the flowers until pigment started to leach into the paper.

I let it dry for about 4 hours and the floral paper was ready to use. You can use this technique on silk cotton and wool too!

Backyard flowers as wrapping paper


I’ve learned about a super easy method to create collage style wrapping paper from flowers and soda ash.

I’ve harvested these flowers from my backyard. Little did I know I’ve got 7 different flower species including calalilies. Stay tuned as i pound them into a beautiful collage.

Cartoonist Illustrates subculture at SF Main Library

Illustration of People Lining up at the SF Main Library by Wendy MacLaughton

An inspiring article featured on the Rumpus last March by Cartoonist Wendy MacLaughton beautifully illustrates the multi-cultural cross section of people seeking knowledge and repose at the SF Main Library. It’s a quick click through and very touching story. I didn’t know SF Main has an on staff social worker. No other library has one. Read the comments at the end…really good.



Pencil Sketches for a Levi’s Project

Pencil sketches, click image to zoom

Pencil sketches, click image to zoom

Back in April I was asked to design and sketch a project for Levi’s Menswear for a potential position. Levi’s gave me the concept “Oceans Connect us”. They wanted me to present my ideas on: Color, Fabric, Silhouette, Fit and Trims. I sketched these four guys and pulled the project together in a week. And I got the job!

This year has been a madhouse: wedding, new job, our house was broken into. All the while, I’ve still been sketching and designing. So I’ll be playing a little catch up, posting my work on Reluxia. Stay tuned!